Writing training & coaching

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Good Writing Is Good Business

Effective written communication is critical to the success of any organisation. Well-written internal memos and e-mails improve efficiency. Clear and insightful reports attract and retain clients. Confident presentations build connection and trust with stakeholders.

CxC Consulting’s coaches have deep experience as business editors and understand the multiple challenges of contemporary communications. They can show your managers and other senior people how to write clear, concise and convincing messages in a variety of formats.

Our coaching helps clients:

• Understand their readers’ needs and expectations
• Quickly capture attention in time-starved working days
• Produce memos, reports and presentations that are remembered and
  acted upon

A dynamic five-stage programme to help executives develop and deliver compelling messages.

Stage One: Fundamentals of Message Development: Identifying and supporting your Core Message

Stage Two: Writing Skills for Managers: Concise, clear and convincing structure

Stage Three: Effective & Efficient E-mailing: Delivering short memos and e-mails that generate positive action

Stage Four: Advanced Writing Skills for executives and senior managers

Stage Five: Maximising Your Message: Transferring the written word to speeches and presentations

For more information contact Glenn Whitney