Stage 1 – Crafting a Powerful Presentation (CPP)

Business people team at meeting in office. Focus at business woman pointing into laptop. Teamwork or coaching concepts.

• Understanding your audience: Making it worth their while
• Crafting your story: The 3-by-3 Message Matrix
• Core Messages, Supporting Points and Informative Gifts
• Specifics, Examples, Anecdotes & Metaphors
• Using headlines to maximum effect
• Deploying visual aids to illustrate your story

CxC Consulting offers a four-stage presentation coaching program:


Stage 1 – Crafting a Powerful Presentation (CPP)

Stage 2 – Engaging Your Audience (EYA)

Stage 3 – Persuasive Public Speaking (PPS)

Stage 4 – Presenting Under Pressure (PUP)

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