Case Studies: Tailored Sessions

1- Global Investment Bank, Research Division

The heads of research asked CxC Consulting to improve the media skills of key analysts and economists in a range of sectors and geographies. Working with the client, our consultants tailored each small group session according to the experience and expertise of the participants to prepare them for upcoming media interviews.

Results: Beginners learned the Do’s and Don’ts most relevant to the varied media they would be dealing with. In practice interviews, they learned to take the initiative with their messages. More seasoned analysts sharpened their skills to control interviews for longer. Broadcast participants raised their impact and performance levels.

2- Fast-track one-to-one coaching

The senior investment banker: Reaching excellence in a short time
A senior banker with responsibility for a range of capital markets and corporate banking had spent 20 years in the industry with limited media exposure. His firm asked CxC to help him reach a high level of media competence in a short time to expound on his firm’s progress. Over four short sessions in three weeks, we moved from a refresher of the Do’s and Don’ts to practicing structured messaging, story-telling and facing up to tough questions over bonuses and staff turnover.

Results: Before the programme was complete, the executive was already making progress in helping his firm build rapport with key publications and reawaken interest from a wider range of reporters in the firm’s activities.

3- Tailored, high-intensity group session

The independent research firm: Handling high-pressure interviews
Faced with tough questions about research and ratings of global importance, a leading independent research firm asked CxC to prepare senior sovereign analysts for handling high-pressure media interviews. In intensive sessions, we focused on improving and testing their ability to take the lead on tough questions in an insightful and positive manner.

Results: Rather than just batting questions away, the participants improved their ability to bridge to the positive messages they wanted to present to the public. CxC’s verbal and written assessment gave the management team greater confidence to assess which analysts were best suited to such high-pressure interviews.

Strong on content and delivery – CxC Consulting offers a four stage program:

Stage 1 – How to Handle Media Interviews (HMI)

Stage 2 – Delivering Media Messages (DMM)

Stage 3 – Advanced Newspaper Interviewing (ANI)

Stage 4 – Advanced Broadcast Interviewing (ABI)

Case Studies – Tailored Sessions

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