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"My senior management team and I have all benefited from this process. Unproductive undercurrents have been brought to the surface. We understand each other better now. Our ability to speak with one voice on strategic issues has markedly improved."   

Division Head, Clariant

Better functioning teams can dramatically enhance the performance of the business by engendering:
• Improved ability to implement strategy
• Higher rates of talent retention
• More successful entrepreneurial projects
• Better customer relationships

Coaching teams, from board-level down, is a highly effective way of promoting greater creativity, productivity and interpersonal cohesion.




Our tailored, immediately business-relevant coaching programs focus on:
• Team leadership
• Developing team and project communication skills
• Coaching managers to be coaches and mentors
• Bridging interpersonal, inter-cultural and gender differences
• Conflict resolution
• Team building for new teams

Groups may consist of existing teams requiring further development, or of individuals coming together for the first time to experience dynamic learning in a group context.

Off-Site Workshops
Retreats and offsite workshops can be an excellent opportunity for team development. We are happy to organise and deliver the entire event or specific components.

• Overview
• Organisational development
• Team development
• One-to-one coaching
For more information please contact  Glenn Whitney


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