We help leaders to create memorable presentations, delivered with clarity and conviction. By focusing on content and style, our expert communications coaches help executives to enhance the emotional appeal and dynamism of their presentations.

Our coaches work intensively with executives to stress-test their presentations. By focusing on vocal dynamism and body language during on camera rehearsal, executives enhance the persuasive power of their presentations. Using charisma and authority to captivate an audience, executives prepare to deliver messages under pressure. Video feedback is used judiciously to perfect presentations.




CxC Consulting offers a four-stage presentation coaching program:

Stage 1 - Crafting a Powerful Presentation (CPP)

Stage 2 - Engaging Your Audience (EYA)

Stage 3 - Persuasive Public Speaking (PPS)

Stage 4 - Performing Under Pressure (PUP)


For more information contact Glenn Whitney


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