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360 Leadership Feedback

CxC Consulting’s Leadership Feedback

“It’s the very best of its kind, and I’ve seen dozens” – Colleen Rumball, American Express (former)

Pinpointing Behavioural Challenges and Leadership Growth Opportunities

• Focused on a leader’s social and emotional intelligence

• Practical, immediately relevant

• Emphasizes potential and the future; it’s really “Feed-Forward”

• Provocative questions directly related to workplace behaviours

• Broad and deep in coverage, comprehensive and balanced

• Excellent use of comments and suggestions for improvement

• Tailored for individual organisations and their specific leaders

• Approx. 20 areas of leadership ability, including: "Team Commitment," "Open Communication," "Conflict Management" and "Understanding    Others."

Link to 360 Feedback Case Study

For more information contact Glenn Whitney

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