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The Communicative Culture Audit is a comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative assessment of the coherence, clarity and collective focus of an organisation's culture.

Areas typically assessed include everyday strategic awareness, managerial style, corporate identity, interdepartmental communication and the effectiveness of the working environment. We recommend pragmatic and effective initiatives for addressing the issues raised.

Mentoring for Managers
Fully utilising the experience, knowledge and interpersonal support that exists within an organisation is often difficult. We advise on how to extend coaching skills throughout the organisation and provide customised programs to enable employees at every level to develop mutually rewarding mentoring relationships.

Off-Site Workshops
Off-site workshops, away days or internal conferences are often the ideal opportunity for group learning. We can organise the entire event or individual components. We also provide on-going workshops open to the whole organisation on aspects of Communicative Leadership.;



360º Feedback
We use a range of personality assessment instruments to advance the goals and performance of individuals and teams. CxC Consulting also designs and delivers proprietary Emotional Intelligence-orientated programs to help leaders develop using detailed and confidential multi-rater feedback.

Mergers & Acquisitions
We help companies evaluate the culture of potential mergers or acquisition targets to ensure an effective "fit" between people and companies is achievable

Work-Life Balance
The intense pace inherent in high-pressure industries and in senior roles make handling stress and achieving balance a struggle. We provide practical, creative, effective solution for coping with and reducing stress experienced by individuals and groups.


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