A specialist management consultancy that helps leaders and teams succeed through compelling communication
CxC Consulting is a leader in:

Media training & coaching

Presentation & public speaking

Writing training & coaching

• Offices in central London
• Highly cohesive group of seven senior consultants
• Extensive backgrounds in top-level business journalism and organisational psychology

How we distinguish ourselves

• Excellent international track record of success
• Emphasis on developing substance before style
• Proven ability to understand complex business and financial issues
• High-impact methods that inspire difficult-to-motivate people
• Practical, tailored and interactive techniques
• Multi-lingual, multi-cultural expertise

Innovative methods

• Highly interactive short seminars
• Action learning-by-doing
• Video recording and review
• Constant application to real work environment
• Serious business focus, but with a playful touch
• Provocative and challenging but sensitive as appropriate
• Best and worst practice clips from TV and cinema

Our clients include:

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