"I have a totally new sense of myself as a leader. I am more confident asserting myself when I have to. Yet the funny thing is I find myself listening to my people more than ever before, really listening, and that makes a huge difference."

Managing Director, HSBC

We help enhance leadership qualities and accelerate management
performance, by building:

• Greater confidence in developing and implementing strategy
• Better alignment with organisational goals
• Improved ability to bring out the best in others
• Increased capacity to communicate effectively
• More inspired decision-making

Our one-to-one coaching is a supportive, challenging and often transformational dialogue between the executive and an experienced coach.

It begins with the identification of individual and organisational goals and moves towards new forms of concrete action. One of our primary tools is an innovative 360-Degree Feedback process.



Strategic Coaching – Identifying goals, opportunities and challenges and developing strategies to address them.

Communications Coaching – Focusing on effective, constructive dialogue with others.

Transition Coaching – Adapting to promotions and other significant professional changes.

Skills Coaching – Developing abilities in specific areas, such as delegating, time management and work-life balance.

Alignment Coaching – Improving the executive’s understanding of his or her performance or changing role within the organisation.

Personal & Professional Development – Starting with the executive’s own agenda to balance work and life, control stress and tap new areas of creative potential.

These areas often interweave as we tailor each coaching program. Our focus priority is creating the greatest value to both the individual coaching client and the sponsoring organisation.

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• Organisational development
• Team development
• One-to-one coaching
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