Complete Communication Curriculum for Business Executives

Developing High-Impact Content
Mapping a communication campaign and skills to build clear, concise and well-structured messages.
Presenting Under Pressure
Help meetings and conference calls come alive with punchy, memorable messages that teams appreciate. Prepare to present on the bigger stage at conferences and seminars.
Engaging Client Communication
Formal and informal client meetings; how to manage the challenges of presenting alone and as part of a team.
Presenting to Camera
Creating and delivering high-impact video content for your client portal or marketing campaign.
Mastering the Media
Engaging print and broadcast media to deliver messages that will attract existing and new clients.
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For more than a decade CxC Consulting have been improving the communication skills of banking, asset management, accounting, law, telecoms, marketing services, elite sport leadership, week-in, week-out. Our consultantshave unique expertise in teaching communication skills for those with a mindset steeped in analytical rigour.

Upon completion of this course. the executives will have the skills and confidence to deliver memorable messages in various challenging scenarios and across different channels.

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